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Address: 30500 Fairfax
Southfield, MI 48076
Business: (248)797-8047


Seeking a position in software design and programming with career advancement opportunity.

C, C++, JAVA ORACLE Oracle CRM 11i
UNIX PL/SQL MS ACCESS Oracle Developer 2000
LINUX PERL FOXPRO Oracle Designer 2000
WINDOWS VISUAL BASIC DBASE Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Scripting
MS DOS SQL Oracle DBA Tools
  Java Script/HTML   MS Office, Visio

SUMMARY: 18 years experience in application systems development. Strong technical and interpersonal skills. Strengths in C, C++, VISUAL BASIC, database development: Oracle, MS Access and Web development: (HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl). Sun Certified programmer for Java 2. Strong mathematical skills with experience in optimization, simulation and scientific applications.

5/00-present Oracle Corporation
  Senior Principal Consulting
  • Design and developing CRM solution for customers
  • CRM 90
    Created documentations and environment for CRM 90 days/Call-to-resolution for telecommunication companies: CRM 11.5.4
  • Telmex
    Created presentations and demo of CRM 11i(Oracle Sale - Mobile,Oracle Services - Mobile, Order Capture, Order Management).
  • ADSL for BellSouth
    Worked as a technical lead. Wrote functional and technical documentations. Developed and customized screens for iStore and panels for Oracle Scripting. Created test scripts. Languages: PL/SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Java (Java classes and JSP). Software: Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Scripting, SQL Plus, WinRunner, Environment: UNIX SUN, Oracle 8i, CRM 11i, CRM 11i
  • Sales online for Humana
    Designed, developed and supported: wrote technical documentation, created alerts, created new screens and customized existing screens and reports. Languages: PL/SQL, HTML, JavaScript, Java (Java classes and JSP). Software: Oracle JDeveloper, SQL Plus, Macromedia Dreamweaver. Environment: UNIX HP, Oracle 8i, CRM 3i, CRM 11i
6/96-5/00 The Bartech Group, 50 West Big Beaver, Suite 100, Troy, MI 48084.
  Senior Programmer/Analyst at Ford Motor Company, Transportation group
  • Training other personal in PERL and Web Development
  • Designing, developing and supporting Web and client/server applications for Ford Transportation Group using HTML, FrontPage, JavaScript, Java, C++, Perl, VB, VC++, Crystal Report, Oracle Report, Designer 2000, Oracle 7.x, UNIX, MS WINDOWS:
    • Client/Serevr application: Bar Code
    • Web application: Launch Tracking System
    • Web application: Compact
    • Transit analysis reporting system for Web
    • Client/Server database system " Global Transportation Procurement"
    • Client/Server transit analysis reporting system

6/98-5/00 Goal Training, Inc. 17356 W. 12 Mile Rd., Southfield, MI 48076,Instructor
  • Training students in Visual Basic and Oracle


Resource Technologies Corporation, 431 Stephenson Hwy, Troy, MI 49083.
  Senior Programmer/Analyst at Chrysler Corporation.
  • Designed and developed Client/Server book of knowledge allowed users to work with documents and images, using MS VISUAL BASIC 3.0, Sybase, MS ACCESS 2.0; MS WINDOWS v3.X.
  • Designed, developed and maintained production reporting system: database - Clipper, user interface MS VISUAL BASIC 3.0; MS WINDOWS v3.X.
  • Maintained existing xBase (DBASE, Clipper, FoxPro) database applications (payroll systems, database tools and operations and others); MS DOS, MS WINDOWS v3.X. Got recognition of excellence from Chrysler Corporation for this job.

3/94-7/95 Renaissance Systems Technologies Inc., Town Center 3000, Suite 2222. Southfield, MI.
  Programmer/Analyst at Ford Motor Land Services Corporation.
  • Designed, developed, implemented new Database Client/Server Systems, using ORACLE 7.0 (CASE -Tools, Forms 4.0/4.5, Report 2.0, PL/SQL), MS VISUAL C++ 1.5, UNIX C, FoxPro 2.5. These systems allowed users to wok with information about Ford's properties, buildings, land, leases, e. t. c.)
  • Maintained database systems: MS ACCESS 2.0 Project Management System and FoxPro 2.5 application provided access users to budget and project information loaded from mainframe systems and allowed to create new budget entries for next year.
  • Worked as database administrator for FoxPro 2.5 database system.
  • Developed different projects using FoxPro 2.5 and MS ACCESS to different customers.

Environment: Client-Server: UNIX (Sun 5) -based Server, TCP/IP, MS WINDOWS -based Client.

3/94-6/94 Independent Computer Consulting
  Helped create database system to company CFI. Environment: MS WINDOWS 3.x, FoxPro 2.5.

6/87-3/93 Agriculture Mechanization Institute, Novosibirsk, Russia.
  • Applied modern methodologies of structural analysis to design, development and implementation of business and scientific systems for agricultural industry. Developed software, which include databases, user-friendly interfaces and graphics applications. These software tools have been implemented to:
    • improve effective utilization of equipment and time;
    • optimize assignment of agricultural machines to field areas and tasks;
    • optimize distribution of feeding resource for rural animals and birds.
    Software developed on IBM PC (MS DOS), DEC PDP 11 (UNIX) using C, C++, FoxPro, Clipper, FoxBase, BASIC.
  • Solved financial tasks using LOTUS-1-2-3, EXCEL and other spreadsheets.
  • Trained other personnel in UNIX, MS DOS and BASIC
  • Supervised 1-3 programmers.

9/83-5/87 Geological Research Institute, Kiev, Ukraine.
  • Programmed systems for solving geological problems.
    Software developed on DEC PDP 11 (UNIX, RSX), IBM 370 (OS) using FORTRAN and C.
  • Wrote device driver for tape drive.
    Software developed on DEC PDP 11 (RSX) using ASSEMBLER.
  • Wrote user documentation.


8/01 Oracle Corporation
  • Object-Oriented Analysis and Design Using the Unified Modeling Language
1/01-3/01 Oracle Corporation
  • Java Enterprise Developer
11/97-1/98 Quality Information System
  • SAP Expert
  • R/3 System Architecture, R/3 Data Dictionary, ABAP/4 Programming
  • BDC session programming, SAP Script
  • FI Module: General Ledger, Account Receivable, Account Payable, Asset Account
6/97 EPCOM
  • Perl
6/95 Oracle Corporation
  • Oracle SQL Forms, SQL Reports.

1983-1987 Polytechnic Institute, Pensa, Russia - M. S. in Mathematical Analysis.


Polytechnic Institute, Pensa, Russia - B. S. in Computer Science.
  • Got the first place in computer science Olympiad for students of Volga region
  • Got the second place in math Olympiad for students of Russia
REFERENCES: Available upon request.