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This applet is a demo version. Many features of C-- is not implemented in the applet version to not violate Java security system.


History of C--

When I learned C++ (it was many years ago) I had project: create simple interpreted language.
This language was simuliar to C but many features of C was missing. Therefore I named it C--. It was very useful project for me. Therefore when I started learn Java I decided recreate this language using Java.


  • Difference between C and C--:
    Preprocessor YesNo
    Structure YesNo
    Pointers YesNo
    Array YesNo
    Comments /*...*/ YesNo
    Loop do ... while YesNo
    Loop for YesNo
    Switch ... case YesNo
    Predefine variablesYesNo
  • C and C-- have different functions.


This is example of a program written in C--:

print("This is a demo");
x = 0; // In c-- user don't need predefine variable
y = 2;
while(x < 10){
x = x + 1;
print ("x=",x,"y=",y);
print (x2(y));

x2(y) // In C-- you can use functions
return (y*y);