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This applet is Java variant of the classic computer game: Tetris. You have to keep a pit free of blocks by moving and rotating small pieces while they sink from the top to the ground, one after another. Each time a complete row is filled, it vanishes and all blocks above fall down. Your game is over when the pit is too full for the next piece Earn the highest score: you will receive: l point for each item and l * 10 points for filled row where l is your level.

How play

Use next keys:

Key Action
arrow "Right"to move right
arrow "Left" to move left
arrow "Down" to move at bottom
arrow "Up" to turn
key "p" to turn "Pause" mode on-off
key "o" to stop the game
key "Esc" to exit the game

Links to other Java Tetris games


I created this game for fun.

Table of recrods

The standalone version of the Tetris supports table of records. Unfortunately it is impossible dynamically update file on Tripodís server (Tripodís rule do not allow create or modify file using CGI). Therefore applet version of Tetris on Tripodís server does not show table of records.

But if your server supports full CGI you can use Tetris applet with table of records.

  • Put score.cgi CGI scrips on your server
    The score.cgi file uses library Modify it if you prefer other library to handle CGI.
  • Add parameter score_cgi="url of score.cgi" to applet tag.
    Click here to see detail
You can visit side #German_Quizzer - Lets get ready to quiz to play my tetris with the book of records