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X & O
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How Play

General Information

  • There are 2 players: Player A or Player B. Each player can be Man or Computer. User can change player's type (Man or Computer) using radio buttons.
  • There is an Adviser. The adviser can help you to do next move.
  • If player is computer than player can have different levels. User can change levels using combo boxes.
  • The Computer can think long time. To solve this problem user can enter Maximum move's time. If maximum time of move is equal 0 computer can think without any limitation on time.
  • After finding solution computer check move's time with minimum time of move. If move’s time less then minimum time computer tries to find solution at next level.
  • The application shows history of the game, using selected notation.
  • To work directly with board (this can be very useful solving some puzle) you can use set up position mode.
  • To communicate with the applications user can use:
    • Menu
    • Toolbar
    • or popup menu, clicking on the right button of the mouse

Standalone version


You can customize the screen using menu "Tools/Options" or icon of toolbar. You can change:
  • Type of board
  • Type of stones
  • Colors
  • Notation
  • Showing or hiding
    • Buttons
    • History
    • Status bar
    • Toolbar
  • Turn on (off) sounds.
  • Search algorithm
    • You can turn off/on using of transposition tables.
    • You can turn off/on using of active positions.
    • You can change numbers for active positions.
    • You can use MinMax or AlphaBeta method of searching
      • If you are not a game developper never use the MinMax algorithm
    • You can set max number of moves per level