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Other Five-In-A-Row Games
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Pente is similar to a game that in Japan has the name "Ninuki-Renju" or "Chosen (Korean) Gomoku". The game also called Go-Moku Narabe. This game has the same rules as Pente (except from the opening rule which probably has not been used). However in Ninuki-Renju some other additional rules are used. The game of Ninuki-Renju had its own organization Ninuki Renju Sha in Japan 1923-1940. The additional rules of Ninuki-Renju are:


This game was introduced by Sergey Zanchenko from Moscow. In this game you can use only the basic rules 1-2 with the following additional rule: An open four, i.e. a four which is not stopped by the opponent in either end is forbidden. It means that a three is not so dangerous as usual. The first time you play you will find it difficult ever to win. It is possible also to play Anti-Pente i.e. forbidden open four in combination with usual Pente rules. If in Anti-Pente the fifth capture gives yourself an open four the game is draw.

Pente for points

After each game is over the points are counted and scored as follows: