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This applet is Java variant of the classic computer games: pan-man and digger.

Goal of the game

You have to pass a maze. This is not an easy task. The maze is secured by four furious monsters: , , , . The meeting with them is deadly for you.

Each monster for 10 seconds can become a super monster . Super monster is very, very, very dangerous for you: it can ease break any wall of the maze and can be killed only by 3 shots.

In a maze you can find the super power . With this wonderful gift you become much stronger then all monsters and you can kill them. The monster will afraid you so much that they will change their color .

But remember: you can not have super power more then 10 seconds.

How play

  • arrows to move
  • Key 'q' to fire
  • Key 'p' to turn "Pause" mode on-off
  • Key 'o' to stop the game
  • Key 'Esc' to exit the game