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You can play Checkers now Run using my program X & O

The basic rules of checkers are as follows.

  1. Players take turns making moves.
  2. Black moves first.
  3. To win, all your opponent's checkers (or "men") must be captured or blocked so that they cannot move. The player making the last move of the game wins.
  4. At the start of the game all checkers are "uncrowned" men and may advance toward the opposite side of the board diagonally from one black square to another vacant black square.
  5. If a diagonal square is unoccupied, the checker can move to that square.
  6. If a diagonal square is occupied by an opponent with a vacant square beyond, the checker must be jumped over and captured and removed from the board.
  7. If the landing square presents the same situation, successive jumps in a straight or zigzag direction must be completed in the same play.
  8. The one exception is that when an uncrowned man moves or jumps into the king row, it can't leave until the next turn.
  9. When there is more than one way to jump, you can choose which jump to take.
  10. You cannot jump over your own men.
  11. When a checker reaches the opposite side of the board, the man is crowned and becomes a king.
  12. On subsequent plays, a king can move or jump in any diagonal direction on the board.