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Min/Max Finder

Min/Max Finder

This application allows:
  • find min/max of function with many arguments
  • calculate function with many arguments
  • draw plots

How use

How find min/max

  • Select name for function (default name is y)
  • Enter source to calculate function
    You can use few statements. But remember: each statement must be ended by ;
    For example: y=(x1-1)*(x1-1) + (x2-2)*(x2-2);
    You can use next functions in your statement:
    • sin, cos, tan
    • exp, ln
    • pow, sqrt
  • Create list of argumets, using buttons "Add","Del" and "Update"
  • For each argument enter min, max and initial values
  • Select min or max you looking for
  • Enter precision
  • Select search method:
    • Hooke and Jeeves
      Hooke, R. and Jeeves, T.A. (1961) J. Ass. Comput. Mach. 8, 212-229.
    • Nelder and Mead
      J. A. Nelder and R. Mead, ``A Simplex Method for Function Minimization,'' Computer Journal, 7, 308 - 313 (1965).
  • Select max number of steps for search method
  • Click on button "Run"

How calculate function with many arguments

Click on help button of the applet to get detail instruction

How draw plots

Click on help button of the applet to get detail instruction

Technical information

The application uses C-- engine to calculate function.