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Welcome to my board game information center

My favorite games are classic board games as Gomoku, Pente, Renju, Othello, Checkers and others. I have been creating a program X & O X & O to play different board games. You can run X & O now Run.

This site has information about many classic and not classic board games, my program X & O and links to other web sites Links

Board games

Five-in-a-row games
Tic-Tac-Toe, Gomoku, Five-In-A-Row, Renju, Pente, Keryo-Pente, Repensi
Othello/Reversi games
Othello, Ataxx
Four-in-a-row Games
Stack 4 Connectris
Checkers Games
Checkers, Canadian checkers, International checkers, Italian checkers, Pool, Russian checkers, Spanish checkers,
Chess games
Chess, Shogi
Go games
Go, Tanbo
Quadrature, Entropy