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Keyboard Guide

If you prefer to keep your hands on the keyboard when you are working, you can use shortcut keys.

List of keys of the main screen

Notes:SCA - Shift,Control or Alt.

To Press
move up SCA+UP,8 or u
move down SCA+DOWN,2 or d
move left SCA+LEFT,4 or l
move right SCA+RIGHT,6 or r
move up-left HOME or 7
move up-right PgUp or 9
move down-left END or 1
move down-right PgDn or 3
move back . or b or backspace
get advise 5 or a
ask "why computer or adviser did" w
to do move <Enter> or <Space>
restart n
exit x

List of keys for all screens

Esc Close the current screen
F1 Help
F12 Exit