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  1. Question:

    Top Next Bottom What it is Set-up position Mode ?
    Answer Turning Set-up position mode on you can use next commands
    • Set to x
    • Set to o
    • Clear cell
    • Clear board
    • Change current stone
    • Set captures for x
    • Set captures for o.
    These command are very useful when you want to work not with a game but with a puzzle as next:

    Problem "Minuet": o to move and win in 8 moves
    Captures: x has 4, o has 4.
    by Tom Braunlich

  2. Question:

    Top Prev Next Bottom The application can save game in file. What structure of this file ?
    Answer Click here to get detail description of the files.

  3. Question:

    Top Prev Next Bottom What is active position ?
    Answer The active position is position with direct attack (as open row with length 3 in five-to-row games) But number of active positions can not be more than some number. This number is different for the first two levels of search and for other levels. User can change these numbers

  4. Question:

    Top Prev Next Bottom How does changing the numbers for active positions affect the play ?
    Answer The computer play much stronger when it use active positions. The numbers for active positions affect on level of analysis. Increasing these numbers can help you to find solution some puzzles.
    But if you set number moves for active position too big
    the computer would think on each move too long time
    or if you set max time limit for move
    the computer would analyse only limited number of moves and quality of playing goes down.